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Originally Posted by Jcos View Post
Hi Ian,I have known you for approx 11 years and have always held you in very high esteem as John has.( the man to beat) I am shocked to say the the least at your post . You want to do away with Ladies ,Juniors , Veterans ,and Springer titles . My personel thoughts are that your true colours have now been revealed and that you are a bigot. No wonder some years ago when I asked you and Andy Calpin to hold a training day for the Juniors that your reply was (well we help them in the Winter League.)That was just not good enough and still is to this day.
You and your likes should be trying to promote the sport , but you aint doing anything to promote he sport, the Ladies and the Juniors who are supposed to be the the future of the sport well you are just a number of people who have been been urinating on the Juniors and Ladies for the last ten years.
If you want to exclude the Ladies , Juniors, Veterans , and Springers , put your money where you your mouth is and set up a World Championships for these classes.

LOL Gerard.
Do not like were your going with this, any one who would like advice as only to ask and i tell all, as for the classes i think you are putting the ladies down there is no reason what so ever why a woman can not win the worlds. I won the worlds in 2008 and was classed as a veteran but passed it down to the next veteran.if you want to get personal like this talk to me at a shoot not on here. Ian
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