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Just a little history for you all.... "teams" have ALWAYS been present in some shape or form. Following this link you will see that in 1992 there were teams of 15 (GB and USA), though it appears this was later reduced to 9 counting. GB beat USA by 408 to 322 ex 450. The '92 champs were open to 200, though 150 participated. Rules re team configuration have always been a subject of voting by the members countries at that time, and have gone from 4 period to 8 with 6 counting to 8 with 4 counting. At the first "Worlds" in the USA 1991 GB beat USA by 1334 to 1264 ex 1500 (!) So, as for the theory of the World's just being an individual event - I think we can now put that one to bed. Results over the years can be found here
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