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We didn't get one Ian. Unfortunately the entry system isn't something set in the core rules (which was enough work in itself). It's been left up to the BDS. Although the BDS was given official handover in Norway, the cat was out of the bag a lot earlier that NZ had not got it in 2013. This wasn't done through any official correspondence we saw.

We alerted the BDS a long time ago to the demand felt in England. We were told (if i remember correctly around April) that the BDS didn't believe there would be an issue with the numbers we had sent to Italy (approx 25). We had mentioned we expected more demand for places.

We also have pushed in the past for transparent proposals from host nations so questions can be asked and discussed beforehand. Whilst in the past decisions were announced rather than discussed, it seems there is more forethought being applied now. I don't see that as criticism of the past Presidency, there has been an explosion in FT abroad and everyone is playing catchup. Whilst in the good old days the UK had 300 at a shoot with the majority from the UK, we probably now have demand for 250 outside of the UK alone.

The BDS deemed their method the fairest way. I assume springers are just far more popular on the continent than they are here... Euskadi I think had close to 50% there of them.
It differed a little from Norway where those places in excess of the teams (only 1 of which [PCP or Springer] was allowed per RGB if I remember rightly), and excess places were given pro rata to their amount of attendance in Italy. To that extent Russia and England got the lions share, with SA not far behind.

But there's no reason why the EFTA can't make a proposal as to how we think it should be. If one of the regions in the EFTA wants to have the discussion, raise it and we can see what everyone thinks.

It's going to be slow work because the proposal needs to good, solid, able to stand scrutiny, then agreed on, then sent up to the WFTF and voted on. I think the first hurdle will be getting a vague consensus of what the worlds should be. We can't move from here to there until we know and agree where we are trying to get to. Then we need to get the WFTF to accept the idea as well. That could be hard work because not many of the countries have the issues we have and there could be the view that England are just trying to feather their nest further by sending yet even more stronger shooters to the worlds. However the EFTA carries lots of respect on the world circuit and this is something we very much endeavour to reciprocate.

I personally believe it would be worth setting out, just so we don't have this debate each year and the host country knows what to expect. It would also set out the duty of hosts further down the line. It's not something I enjoy having to deal with I can assure you, and having to qualify and having an other half who stands less of a chance, I can see the problem from all angles, including the work needed in getting any changes made.
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