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Originally Posted by Neil-T View Post
That doesn't mean floating the barrel caused might just be a crap shot.......
Ha ha.

The problem with my barrel ( I think ) was the very sloppy fit in the breech. The mark 1 has screws that bear on the top of the barrel, so it has no lateral support other than what the bored hole in the block provides. The second attempt included two new M5 fixings at 120 degrees apart to hold the barrel like the jaws of a chuck. It doesn't truly get over the situation.

Maybe I'm a crap shot at FT but I'm a crapper shot with this gun with a floated barrel.

At our club we have a 42 yard wind-free test range and this shows the floating barrel to be even more erratic depending on the handling of the rifle between shots. If you just bench rest and nothing else it's fine but any handling of the rifle as you would normally expect moving from lane to lane will still bring about a left-right movement in the POI and that is what happened at Curridge.

I bought a Pro-Target three years ago as a spare rifle. One had to go and I kept this EV2; wish I'd kept the Pro-T as I won the SWEFTA showdown with that, being a crap shot.
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