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It's clear that even within a few responses there's indecision as to what the worlds should be. One minute it's a test of the best, the next minute it's an open that anyone can attend. It changes little when the fundamental issue is the limited amount of places due to the popularity of the sport.

If you want it to be an open that anyone can attend, then come up with the suggestion as to how that is done. Someone actually did, and we put that idea and another forward to the BDS but their range could not take it.

I can't see a paperwork global grading system working. How can you measure the grade and performance of one shooter shooting against their country's competition crowd in one part of the world against another in another part of the world? Think along the lines of it has to have allowed someone like Pepe or Conor (who ? ) to have competed... ie a shooter who comes from a small field of shooters, doesn't shoot anywhere as near as many competitions as we do here... (i don't think NIFTA even run comps anymore). If someone can come up with a scheme for doing such, that actually stands scrutiny, and can volunteer their time to get it working, then chuck it out to the WFTF. But it had better be properly thought out with detail or else it will be a complete waste of time.

Even then you still have to say we have X places to give everyone... it's not an open. Perhaps you combine the two? But to date we've only worked out how to get 450 on a 3 day shoot. We could extend that by 150 per day and per course. If that's what is wanted then we'd better then work out how we raise the manpower to offer such an event. We'll need 1 marshall for every 10 shooters by my rough reckoning, and we'll need them all week, and we'll need to feed and accommodate them. We'll need volunteers. Work that bit out, get that going, and we will be much further down the road of telling the rest of the world how it should be done. Until that's sorted, it's just ******* up an internet forum wall.

So we go back to problem 1. Too many shooters, not enough places.

The idea that it's some how not such a test or the World Champ isn't such unless XYZ are there is just daft. For a start, having been at the last 4 i think every champion has demonstrated without doubt their metal. Even the shoot-off between James and John meant that both of them would have been worthy winners. In addition, we took the so called dream-team to Italy, and some ginger ninga from Northern Ireland won it, taking it off Pepe who blitzed the courses the year before, who left the England team in his wake.

If you want the title, get off backside, qualify, go and win it. That won't change when there's some mythological international grading system in operation. You'll still need to qualify (by grade or whatever) and go and win it. With that first bit out the way, people still need to go. I bet an EFTA hoody that all this uproar will disappear when it's NZ time and then it will be moaning about how much it costs and how it's not a true test because X can't afford to go, and Y has got a cold and X's dog has eaten his pellets.

It's perhaps easier to attend this year if you think you'd like to shoot a springer. But it's looking like that will require qualification as well.

If people seriously want to be on board for the EFTA's worlds offering, want to give up their time for a week to help out, let me know and we'll form a list. Expected to be here around 2020 by my reckoning.
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