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At the moment every country has just as much right as the next to send shooters to the world champs. So that means that there is room for roughly 10 shooters from each country, simple. That is the way it is set up at the moment and isn't likely to change for some time as anything takes time to evolve. Just look at how slowly we perceive changes are made on our domestic front, so it is going to take much longer when dealing with the whole world.

Eventually we may have an international grading list or regional qualifiers which would allow the 'best' shooters to attend regardless of where they come from. That would seem the best solution to me but I'm not holding my breath on that one and I'm not volunteering to sort it out either

As we have limited places we need to select our representitives the best way we can, it won't be a perfect solution and no doubt someone will be dissapointed. Try to stop thinking of it as a team event, it isn't. It just happens that the shooters that go from England will be in our team because of the limited numbers anyone can send.

If we can send extra shooters in a spring gun team then good. We can whoop their ***** in all the classes

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