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Originally Posted by sportsmatch View Post
They are in the mass start event as the don't come in the top 30

Just thinking of the of the point of 8 and 8, If all the springers shooters wished to go its only a its only a 14 competing for 8 places whereas a total of 263 for 8 places with the pcp or if the lower grades removed its still 98 AA and 88 A for 8 places

Sorry I don't know how many shooters shoot a springer in Wales

Right. So we get an equal allocation then? Even though it's a minority sport in the UK, we get the same chance of sending people as everyone else? Any way you slice it you don't take domestic competition stats and then suggest that's how the rest of the world is, or should be.

If there's not so many springer shooters going, then we get a few PCP places but send less people. If there is a large contigent of springer teams, then it shows there was demand, and we get to send more people.

What's grinding is that some people think they won't be going and a spring gun shooter will be taking their place. That's not the case. If the springer shooters weren't going then their place would probably be going to another springer or pcp shooter from another country.

There are 31 countries in the federation. 300 places. There's no way of cutting it any different, someone who wants to go may not be going.
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