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Originally Posted by Steve Hebby View Post
Not sure where your coming from Rob

I was thinking something along the lines of, a date is announced from when individual entries could be made, on say the WFTF website (as the GP series can be entered on the BFTA website), where the fee plus deposit could then be made through say paypal for example. Once entered/accepted, your name is then added to the list of entrants, when the entry list is full, this is then announced on the WFTF website. Sounds simple to me.
Yep, it does. Except that on that date you're going to have a few 100 people trying to get in on a website or hitting paypal. Now if stuff is that much in demand, you're going to have it full probably very quickly. I certainly would be getting people asking me to book in like they do for the GP series.

We can field what, 40 - 50 shooters?. SA can do quite a few, think they took 16 to Norway. Russia wanted 30 places at Norway. That's a 100 gone in 3 countries. There's 31 in the federation. You've got the Germans themselves. Italy took in 225 shooters with barely a handful of Italians, and we took 20 odd to that. We've got 75 more places to spread and suddenly everyone wants to go because it's on their doorstep.

It would change little except those that would be going would be those with a room full of computers and a fast internet connection, like me.
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