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Originally Posted by sportsmatch View Post
How can an equal quota of 8 pcp and 8 boingers be fair if you look at the gp series as a benchmark

A total of 277 people entered the GP series for the pcp and piston classes, 263 pcp and 14 piston. So the pcp made up 94.95% of the entries

The euro's if the red letters are for the piston class 125 total entries 117 pcp and 8 piston

If you look at the gp series as a benchmark ? That's like saying if you look at british shooting the Biathlon should be discounted from the Olympics.

There's a world out there. That's why it's called the World Champs, not the British Champs. We have those already.

Ok, lets take less springers, lets take none in fact. That will mean those 8 places we don't take will be spread around 31 countries. So we'll see a quarter of a place back. Or are you suggesting that countries that do have strong springer numbers in comparison to their pcp should leave them at home as well?

Ok, lets say that even in countries where springers are more popular, lets say no springers go at all. So perhaps the what 5-6 countries that field 8, lets say 40-50 springer shooters are no longer going. Lets give all those places back to the PCP contingent... that's erm, 50 divided , hang on too complex, lets say 62 springer shooters don't go... that simple, that gives each country a whole 2 more slots because in the Worlds there are 31 countries. Wow. Massive. A whole 2 people. So instead of us taking two teams of 8, we can now take one team of.... drum roll... 10. Brilliant!
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