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Having had a dabble in most things over the last 30 odd years, the equipment you buy can vary dramatically.

Fly fishing.
Cheap rod. 30. Cheap reel 20
Expensive rod. 700. Expensive reel. 400

Both do the same thing, and I still have lots of both types of equipment, so it depends on what you want out of it.

Photography. Not long sold most of my equipment.

Pro. DSLR. 4k. Entry level DSLR. 400
Pro. 500mm f/4 lens. 6k. Third party zoom up to 500mm 800/900
Pro tripod and head. 1250. Cheap tripod and head. 70

You get what you pay for basically, so Zi reckon for around 700 you can kit yourself out with a good starter FT kit. Or you can go for the top of the range Anschutz rifle and March scope (remortgage the house) look the dogs..but it don't necessarily make you shoot better.
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