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Reading the replies makes me cringe on how much I spend a year on travel to shoots having just worked it out to be nearly 400 on ferry fares alone [ 7 Winter league shoots 4 GP and Iceni open] then fuel at a conservative 45mpg another 200+. Logically ignoring the fuel side of the transport

I do a bit of photography using a new camera I brought 6 years ago which cost me the price of a Ripley without a stock back then. Then add the various decent lenses.
Seafishing (beach) a quick look in the garage and I must have spent nearly 1500 on rods, reel etc and when I did a lot over the winter months 20 on bait a weekend (usually with a few pout on the receiving end )
Computing well I do not fancy even going there but 3k+ over 10 years sounds about right upgrading every 3 years or so and getting very little back.

So after a relative large outlay I think FT shooting is probably the cheapest of my hobbies over the time.

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