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Golf again its the same except membership fees at a decent golf club can be from several hundred to several thousand. Beginner set of clubs say £130-£250 Top Brands easy to pay £1500-£3000. My brother is a member of a well known midlands golf club several celebs play there his membership is £2000 annually. A single club such as top brand driver can be few hundred and more.

Shotgunning is expensive cartridges are the cost with fees for Sporting/Trap/Skeet/Flush/DTL. I spend on an average day £60-£80. Good shotgun £1200-£2500. Also when you get into it yo have different guns i,e a short skeet gun, a trap gun and a sporter gun. Cost of airgunning £3.50fee and cost of my 500 pellets if I shoot them all!!!

Paintballing is expensive cost of ammo is over priced.

Airgunning is extremely cheap in comparison.
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