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Originally Posted by IAN TAYLOR View Post
Whats going on with the Worlds 8 places for pneumatics team and 8 places for springer team, when did it develope in to a spring gun world championship.The name of the game is to find the best airgun shooter in the world for that year. Time to do away with Ladies, Juniors, Vetrans, and Springer titles, Prizes and Trophys should be awarded to the top ten.There is no reason why the people in the above classes can not shoot there way into the top ten places and be rewarded for doing so.
In the grand scheme of things it makes little difference.

The worlds will be over subscribed (assuming the demand actually meets the uproar this time). Places will be shared equally, because that seems to be the fairest and easiest way, unless someone has an idea of how we balance a shooter's desire in the UK with that of another shooter in another country... so with that given, each country will have roughly the same amount of shooters to send, and in some countries, that will mean they will select other catagories like springers which were voted in as part of the original consititution and carried forth in the core rules. Now that was before my time, but having been on board since SA, there's never been a region or communication to say "lets suggest these classes are scrapped".

My personal opinion is that seniors can stand on their own two feet, the ladies probably could as well, but it depends who you speak to. Juniors are a class i think that it's a good opportunity to support, but that the age limit should be lowered to say 16, perhaps lower.

Now if we take out all these teams of springers, in actual fact we'd probably only gain 1-2 places coming to us because there are 30+ countries in the WFTF now, so those places would be spread equally across the countries.
We wouldn't gain 8 places because other countries are going to be able to send more PCP shooters as well. It really doesn't change much.

If springer intake was as harsh as having to stand against a huge field of pcp shooters to get in the team, then the likelyhood would be that there wouldn't be much of a competition to turn up to once over there, so aside from having a punt at the title with a springer, and taking a few scalps along the way one may just summise it would be more rewarding to just pick up a pcp.

300, 30 countries, 10 shooters each. Italy was 225 and we took 25(ish). Now FT has taken off across the globe, we can see 200 being absorbed by 8 man PCP teams, leaving 100 places for 30 countries, ie 3 each.

We're actually at an advantage at the moment because we can field 2 teams. We also have 3 shooters who will have their places assured. So that means we could be taking 19 people. If we scrapped the springer team, we'd probably be sending 12 or so. Ok so some won't be going because a springer shooter from England will. But if they weren't going then they still probably wouldn't be going because someone from one of the other 30 countries would have their place.

We'll just have to see how it unravels.
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