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I suppose a lot depends on if you want to go in at the deep end or not.

For a basic good beginners kit you are looking for
Springer:- TX200 /HW97/77, Prosport and maybe a few others between 250-500.
PCP:- S400, protarget RN10, AA100 series, HW100 300-600
Scope:- min mag x32 ZOS, BSA Nikko Custom shops 100-500
bean bag:- 20
gun bag:- 30-150
All told in the region of 700 upwards starting with good second hand equipment.

Then just lots of practise and pellets.

Once you have a startup set you can add and change if you feel you need to. For me I used a Custom Shop for 12 years and only sold it to a club member last year when I changed to a Nikko. Stil have my original AR5 (brought in 96) and treated myself to an AR5s in 2004 and still use it today.

Mountain bikes - good ones start around the 500 mark and go up to the 5k+ if you really want to
Road bikes - can be for the same amount as above I suppose
Archery - not sure but some maybe

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