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Answer No for the moment. Don't worry about the PCP/Springer team bit for the moment either. We have a few people wanting to shoot springer. If we get more than 8 we'll need to work out a qualification. If we don't I suspect we won't.

The loose plan is sometime after xmas to close entry from the EFTA, take the deposits, clear them in the bank, pay the BDS for the places we have. Then we'll know what the overflow is and we can deal with that from there.

The Germans are prioritising teams, pcp and springer. Then allocating equal amounts to each country as the demand requires, then with any surplus, opening it up first come first served. Not ideal, but we're doing all we can to get as many there as possible. We have an advantage in that respect in that we could field full teams and we have 3 shooters who have places by grace of their top 3 placings in Norway.
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