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Originally Posted by rich View Post
On balance I think there's a case to be made for outlawing this. It's only of relevance for the first few targets and if the next lane is at a skewed angle to the last it's doubtful what benefit you'll gain from seeing the wind deflection.

At the same time it brings issues of which target was shot, the order in which they were shot, and the buddy has to be fully attentive (which if you see the slack timing on some lanes ) isn't always the case.

If it's banned elsewhere then others too have concerns.[/QUOT
So what would the penalty be if I happened to see my pellet land on the face plate is that an instant dismisal from the comp or are you going to just penalise the less able shooters oh look someone MIGHT learn something let's ban it and introduce another million rules to stop shooters enjoying them selves no talking no laughing and a instant ban for smiling for
F****s sake get a life[/QUOTE

Good job your not shooting the NEFTA winter league then,the new rule changes have banned this.
So NEFTA is not shooting to BFTA rules no more, and what is the penalty for seeing your pellet strike?
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