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Default 2012 Spirit of HFT

The Spirit of HFT award was concieved for the person that we the UKAHFT shooters feel has made the biggest contribution towards the smooth running of UKAHFT in that year, it isn't for someone who does lots for your area or for someone who is massively respected at your club. In previous years we've had relatively few nominations for this yearly award & sometimes the nominees barely qualify for the above criteria.

As a result we are changing the both the selection & voting process.....UKAHFT have come up with a list of 10 shooters who we feel have made that extra contribution to help in the running of our National Series. At the final round of the UKAHFT series at Quarry please clearly print which of these 10 shooters you think most deserves this award, please base this decision on who you think or have seen doing that little bit extra rather than who is your mate or who you like best. please also note that none of the UKAHFT team or any previous winners are eligible for nomination.

The 10 shooters are:

Bert Tate
Dave Lillywhite
Gary Chillingworth
Geoff Watkinson
Greg Hensman
Guy Gillies
Kyle Hampton
Mick McTighe
Nigel SMith
Ray Hampton

The full list will be displayed at the booking in table at Quarry & we will remind you at the safety brief to vote.

Please note that only people shooting at Quarry will be allowed to vote & if you hand your scorecard in having forgotten to vote then you wont get a vote.

Don't forget also that the Quarry round will also include the UKAHFT Memorial trophy which will include an extra trophy, more bonus bunny cash & extra raffle prizes.
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