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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Yes Pepone, in BFTA rules you can look at your hit after your shot but just ensure that your shooting partners have confirmed the hit beforehand.

It depends on your regions rules, at our club now we don't permit the shooter to view their hit and it's now their shooting partner duty to reset the targets once the lane is complete....
this has two benefits, 1) shooting partners will always have to confirm the hits on the lane, 2) it prevents controversy by onlooking competitors incorrectly assuming the shooter has just shot the wrong target (in a situation where the onlooker had innocently been looking at an entirely different target than the shooter has just shot).

conor i take it that you can ask your shooting partner once he/she has reset the target (taking that you have shot the right target) where your point of impact was? or in the case of shooting the target in the next lane you can ask them to pull it up and ask them your point of impact ?

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