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One of my bugbears with some clubs (i'm not going to say all because I don't know, and i'm sure some great work is carried out somewhere) is the lack of training for new/young shooters.
[QUOTE=Neil-T;102421]As Simon says, I personally don't think a qualified instructor is needed. Most new comers into th sport should be taught the basics of air gun safety, then coached by the more experienced members of the club they attend. I was at Milride the other day where a couple of guys were using springers, and one of them was not holding the barrel/cocking arm when loading..I was going to say something but I didn't know them, it wasn't my club and he was bigger than me. Me and Willbe did help 2 shooters to zero their rifles in on the plinking range, spending a good half an hour with them as they had no idea how to set a scope up and were hitting nothing.

As ever, it was a pleasure to see you at Millride again Will, and it was also good to see Neil there too. The particular couple you mention are part of a family of four who made their first visit to Millride the previous week. (The other two were disappointed not to be there because of prior commitments). On this occasion senior members spent a considerable amount of time with them on the plinking range, and they were very impressed with the welcome they received and the help they were given - so much so that they were hooked. On Saturday, by the time we got to them, you and Neil had stepped in and further demonstrated the friendliness of the shooting fraternity and its willingness to help whenever possible. You were both in full flow so rather than bombard them with too much info we left you to it. We spent further time with them after you'd left and arrangements have been made to resume next week after their gun issues have hopefully been resolved. They are overwhelmed with the welcome to the sport they've received, but this is typical of the sport in general, yet so often goes unseen. Thank you both for your help.

With regard to the springer cocking issue, I know that Dave Pitt gives every new shooter a comprehensive safety briefing on their first visit, and written safety leaflets are available in the cabin as well as being on our web site. Obviously if this is seen happening we do draw the attention of the shooter to it. We are in the happy position of picking up a lot of new members at the moment and as a club we are aware that this brings with it a greater need for safety vigilance.


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