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Originally Posted by andythilo View Post

Thanks for the replies. I did read that the TACs are head sensitive, I'm gonna get a pigs ear (or wherever you call it, rubber eye thingy) to help with that.

Thanks for the zeroing advise also, I will have a look at the Ninja link also


i use a tac30 10x42 and find it to be a very good scope. like most scopes you can get parallax error, but i dont seem to get that much. as with all scopes, it takes time to learn how to get the best from it.

i find that if my head is in the wrong position the image doesnt seem to be bright and clear. once my head is right sight picture brightens up. i find this an advantage as i know whether or mot my head is in the right place.

i think some of it is down to luck also. some tac30s seem to be better than others. i also have the 4.4-14x42. its a good scope, but nowhere near as clear as the 10x42. it must be because of the extra lense that makes it variable.

i also have a viper 10x44 which is a great scope for hft too. the ret is bang on for the job. i also like the metal flip ups with the rubber o ring.
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