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Interesting subject coaching . i don't call it coaching , i call it helping another shooter ? if i am shooting first and get both targets and the other shooter does not . once we have moved off the lane, i ask if he is having problems . range or wind is the usual one and will tell him what i gave it and the wind i gave it . if not that , is his turret a turn out or has he cleaned his barrel lateley or possibly knocked the rifle / scope . this a sport . we are supposed to be sportsmen . to help a shooter get back to his true form is not cheating it is sportsmanlike . the same as lending another shooter a rifle if his goes down . the same as nick jenkinson did at the worlds to stuart lane . stuart actually put in a top score on the course with it and put a few shooters noses out by doing so . cheating/ sportsmanlike , make your own mind up . lighten up gents , it's slug gun shooting ??? HOLLY
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