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Originally Posted by aitchuk View Post
Redfearns has I believe 3 instrutors, 3 club level coaches with one registered with the NSRA,
plus some top shots allways willing to assist

They ALL need to be registered with the NSRA as full members or else their qualification isn't current, nor are they insured to do so. They will only hold the certificate of passing the course, and that's if they've renewed any expired certification.

NSRA club insurance does not cover certified coaches/instructors, even at club level. The only way they are covered is by them being certified as passing the course and holding a full, current and continual NSRA individual membership. Alll renewals and passes of any NSRA coach/instructor will require a CRB check.

If that isn't in place, in the event of an accident, the club insurance won't cover the coach/instructor's liability.

It falls to the definition of if the person coaching is acting in a capacity deemed official or if it's not. Ad-hoc, unorganised advice from member to member is covered under NSRA club insurance. Rocking up and saying "i'm the club's coach/instructor" probably wouldn't, nor could be "go over there and ask X, they're the club's coach/instructor".

If unclear about the above, contact Dave Froggett of the NSRA for further details.
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