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Originally Posted by Neil-T View Post
Someone tried to apply undue pressure on me during the second round of the showdown....even before I sat down to shoot a lane there were comments from my shooting partner about the length of targets and how tricky they were, this was uncalled for and unsporting...I could see what was in front of me and know the rules of the showdown. Then the same person counted down from 10 way too fast, his excuse was......he was not watching the clock and tried to catch up on the countdown as it already gone past the 10 second mark, this was on a stander which I duly missed. Dirty trick to play on a fellow shooter just to try and gain an advantage.

Whoever (and I don't care who and I dont want names) was doing this was bang out of order, unsporting and to be honest may have fell foul of the "barracking" rule.

Originally Posted by Neil-T View Post
I can see it from both sides Dave. On one hand we need to encourage new comers and give all the advice we can (guilty of this a couple of times this year at GPs when shooting with lower grades). On the other hand we want a level playing field at the shoots, especially when the top places are won and lost on single targets. The last thing we want is newcomers to the sport leaving because they are not being encouraged to become better shots....maybe this needs to be done more at club level, and the basic rules explained at the same time. I know that I gladly received all the tips I could get when I first started, especially from Andy Calpin, Ian Taylor and quite a few others I could mention. I remember shooting at at Frayed Knot at Emley when I was C Grade and a very nice Russ Spencer was teaching me to shoot in the wind, I never forgot that and it made me respect the guys who are a lot better than us mortals.
One of my bugbears with some clubs (i'm not going to say all because I don't know, and i'm sure some great work is carried out somewhere) is the lack of training for new/young shooters. Maybe the shooting line of a comp is not the place for coaching, but an old hand or a top shooter handing down tips or experiance to a new/young/lower grade shooter can only be a positive thing for the sport as a whole. It will be a sad day when we cannot discuss this for fear of breaking the rules. As for pointing out a mistake prior to a shot taking place i'm tending to think that as sporting behaviour, but if that falls foul of the "coaching rule" then maybe a way round is for a group together to pull strings and establish the right targets together as a group so that no-one is advantaged or disadvantaged?
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