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Originally Posted by johnharper View Post
as a newbie on the ft scene i honestly can't see why there is so much tripe about coaching and this is not meant to offend anybody
but weren't all the top shooters new to the sport once
the more people friendly approach would be a great benifit to the younger genartion to carry the sport on
when us old folks aren't about.
tips from top shooters are a great help to all we don't want you to tell us how to shoot in the wind as we have to learn that like you did
but if we are doing things wrong why not, to me this is not bending any rules
john harper
No one is saying don't coach people - there is a time and a place for it though.

This is just my opinion - people can feel free to disagree (and no doubt will) The reason we come on STB is to air our thoughts and buy lots of nice new shiney toys
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