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Cheers TimG, like you parts of airrifles are currently being dried in various locations around the house.
Seemed like it only stopped raining when travelling on the ferry, the Island had a few thunderstorms as well as a large amount of rain (which was greater than the shoot by the sounds of it).

About the only success we had was drawing the 2 names for the golden shot.
Missed to many myself today as breathed on the the lens (not a good idea). Great to see Simon Young as well just he always appeared to see me miss a few lanes of targets I started hitting them when he walked away.
Melv left his pellet pouch behind and we missed the 2 o'clock ferry by 2 minuites due to the number of people queuing for Ikea and the boat show.

Anyway good for a bit of practice so see you in 2 weeks time, hopefully without the rain
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