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Default against the clock

Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Quick question, is calling your partner his/her time now out of the question?
Thing is now its apparently an issue to some, coaching/helping your partner/giving advice is not permitted?

Do we continue to call our shooting partners their time I.e. when there is 30, and 10 secs left on the clock or do we remain silent and allow them to go over time then award a miss!

Can't find anything in the rule's that say's you can not tell time's.
The way i see it the rule's say you have 1 minute per target in the lane,clock start's when your eye goes to the scope.
The 2 minute's per lane are not a part of the skill of shooting the coarse,so i would say that if you are asked to quote specific time's, then as a buddy marshall that's your job.
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