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Default safety breifing

seasoned pro. just because of the minoraty. [/QUOTE]
Don't bow to the minority,let them wisper and take pride in the fact that the wee man is creating a storm.
He's a future world champion in the makeing,he's the full package.
Nerves of steel,bag's of confidence and year's of shooting ahead of him.
As long as he stay's away from wisker splitting he'll be crowned champ one day.
Calp's has been doing what he does at top level for year's and has a wealth of experiance to pass on.
I'm sure he will dilliver that experiance in an appropriate manner

Back too subject
Mr yates has stepped forward and pointed out that a zero was scored and that's that.
Chinese whisper's blow thing's out of proportion[like tree's being cut down]

I had two partner's shoot target's out of order,Mr elkins on day 1 and Mr lee on day two both scored zero's.
I was doing the safety breifing this year because i'm safety officer for the harrier's club[who ran the shoot]
If people listen at the safety breifing's instead of talking amongst themselves,then they would have heard me point out that the target's were clearly numbered from left to right.
I even pointed out that the target's were a bit busy in places,so pull string's
I think that Mr yates's reply has closed the issue.
Personal note ,I would not stand by and knowingly watch someone shoot the wrong target.
You don't need to coach just ask a question to be answered.
There's no rule that say's you can not ask question's
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About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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