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Default What is Coaching

Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Coaching on the firing line to me is telling someone the exact distance to a target before they shoot it, telling them the wind direction and how much windage drift to allow for in order to hit it before shooting the target.
Pointing out the correct order of targets to someone IMO is not coaching it only gives them an opportunity to make an honest attempt at hitting the target therefore a genuine miss of the correct target would be deemed possible. Anyone knowingly allowing a competitor to shoot an incorrect target would be very unsporting and to me in a sport I enjoy, and such a person is not worth knowing.

In my opinion this thread has gone a but silly anyway, the issue should have been dealt with there and then and sorted out preferably before the shooters left the lane. Getting the wrong end if the stick is all too easy in these situations and doesn't do anyone anyone or the sport any favours!

I agree with Connor really. However, i have got up from many a lane and asked all
"grades" of shooters " how far you make that" to which an answer is releyed.
I see that as part of the chat during a comp sometimes. I guess it could be called coaching, but for me it would only be coaching if i were about to shoot a target and the buddy says "you got that 50, i made it 55"

Same for windage. Loads of times you shoot with people and they get up from a lane saying "i had to give that 2 inches". i have sat down and gone inside edge.
Half of it is when you shoot, half may be gamesmanship.
mentioning no names but he was trying hs best at gp4 lol

As someone who puts in huge amount of effort to clear tondu and put a course out, then goes to the trouble of putting target numbers on the lane and targets, I want them shot in numbered order.
out of sequence is a miss. Learn from your mistake.
Its not however the buddy marshalls duty to make sure your shooting the correct target. Sometimes its not possible to tell which taget a shooter is on anyway. I have pointed out such things on occasions and the fact we may be in a standing or kneeling lane. Oh how i would have loved to have seen Fisher take the Standing shot sitting a gp 8 lol
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