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Coner i agree with your sentiments about the fair play sporting side of things but this is why i HAVE TO play 100% by the rules. Winter league last year me and our dill shot with some one else from another club and i being a bit new marked the score cards for both our dill and the other shooter, i think our dill marked my card also at some point, it was just done as to me it didn't seem a problem the guy from the other club signed both our cards which for me was fine our dill shot a 27 i think and me a 24 something like that. the other guy a 26 out of the 30 so for our dills 27 all of us shooting new for certain that he'd got what he got. then 10 mins after the cards went in i got pulled to one side by the comp sec and was told a number of people had complained about me marking his card and wanting his score to be dissqualified. never got a mention about my score just his he was 11 at the time. the guy we shot with was questioned about his score and has he had signed the card correctly his score counted. This left a very sour taste about the sport and made me and our dill think seriously about packing in. But we had a talk and decided well he decided everything we do in the sport has to be all to the rules and be seen to be to the rules. Thats the main reason i don't like to shoot with him as theirs a small % of people that i wouldn't extinguish if they where on fire. We never got to no who the few were that complained but it spured him on and he showed them all by having a good few shoots after that and getting in AA grade. The point is Conor if every rule isn't 100% adheared to no matter how maybe trivial it is. there will always be someone there to point it out. so for me i have to agree with dave hotshot. if we have to follow the rules then so should everyone else if not then this sport will never be taken SERIOUSLY
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