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Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
Hi dave, I shot a wrong target at the nefta classic pulled the string before I shot saw the number on the tree at the side of MY target, shot the target knocked it down wrong target where I had sat INSIDE the gate my target was obscured by a tree how dose this stack up in our perfect world of non mistake making hang em sport PS NO COACHING what times do you want calling? This is not in the rules please disqualify me from every timed shoot I have ever shot in for coaching
If you had done all you had said then I cannot see how your partner could have spotted your mistake anyway.

What we need is a level playing field and a consistent approach to how we do things. If everyone thinks it is fine to have some partners telling you you are on the wrong target and others not then lets just get on with it.

It happened to me at the last GP and my partner was very appologetic about not spotting MY error - why should he feel bad that a shooter with over 10 years experience acts like a total numpty and why should I have that extra point?

In the past I have always pointed out to people that they are addressing the wrong target but I am now wondering how fair it is.

If 2 people in the same grade are separated by 1 shot at the end of a competition and that one shot came from one of their partners spotting a mistake and the others not doing - is that fair? And if that is fair then where do you draw the line? If you could make sure that every partner would spot the mistake then all would be fine - but you can't.
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