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Default Partners/marshalls


I've been in this sport nearly 22 years and can't believe that telling a person your shooting with that he/she is aiming atte wrong would be deemed as wrong..

I'm pretty sure everyone who's making comments on here have been told at one point or another your aiming atte wrong one...? Or am I one of the few over just a few years who has been looking at the wrong target and my marshal has pointed it out.

So would you say when a person adresses the lane sits down but struggles to see the targets, the partner steps in and points them out as a helping gesture would be coaching as well..

I'm sure I've helped a few who are commenting on here when I've shot with them over the years with that and if you had been pointing at the wrong target I would have said. But I bet you've never turned and said you shouldn't have told me.. As that is coaching etc..

Come on lads this thread is going off on a tangent now from what it was originally...

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