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Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
Hi simon
I can confirm that you can't do this. On a 50 shot course you get 50 shots. No practising and no checking of your zero is allowed.
Originally Posted by pauljv View Post
just read what you put simon and as i believe as what happened with me today at a friendly club shoot. the guy i shot with thought he'd gone a turn out so i said looks like you'll have to sacrifice your next target to check he knew the rules and did just that problem solved as in the rules. no one gets any extra shot no matter what
I stand corrected having just re-read the main shoot rules for my situation it seems I broke rules 10 iv (noticed a typo there as I could not find reference to a 17c) and 17. Live and learn.

Makes for an interesting point though how many people actually 'read' the rules rather than just the general ones.
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