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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
On the other side of the coin I have asked, after missing a pair of targets, to shoot at the closet one again as I believed I was a turn out.

I would like someone with better knowledge of the rule's to tell me if this is allowed,seem's to me that being a turn out has cost you two target's.
But being allowed an extra shot on the coarse has saved you missing more for your error.

Andy which session was the offender in and which day?
None of this info matter's,but i would like to think it was an experianced shooter encourageing a new be.
Of coarse that does not make it right,but may explain why the shooter is makeing up his own rules.
Hi simon
I can confirm that you can't do this. On a 50 shot course you get 50 shots. No practising and no checking of your zero is allowed.
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