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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
Andy which session was the offender in and which day?
None of this info matter's,but i would like to think it was an experianced shooter encourageing a new be.
Of coarse that does not make it right,but may explain why the shooter is makeing up his own rules.
Simon, was not at the Euros but at a N Oxon shoot. I thought it was me when the first shot went 1" over the kill but when the second never hit metal I was sure then I was a turn out (turret does not have a stop). If my shooting companions had said no then I would not have done it but chanced my luck on the next target by assuming I had been a turn out and aiming at a blank bit of the target.

At the time was a 'B' Grade but since then have moved up to 'A' (by being at 70.07% according to the grading list). Would not consider myself a newbie (done FT on and off since 1994 ).

Going back to the original query from Andrew, even at our club we shoot in target order (L-R or R-L) and count a out of order shot a miss, followed by ribbing about taking the wrong one. We all give as much as we get.
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