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Originally Posted by merc350 View Post
Mark Stenton has already given me a load of pointers. As have lads at the club. They are a good bunch
Aye you can read and do formulas looking at cants and gun chairs and inclinometerators and themometers butt plugs n sink plugs carrotts n turnips and all sorts of stuff on paper none of it matters when it comes down to taking a shot from a stable positon its all just good technique and repeating that time after time you get one chance at a target for a point or a miss. Learn your gear ie buy it once and get used to it some people chop n change their scope from one week to next just learn one scope and then u know how t use it to its full potential. Do it steady bit by bit some people fly there way into aa grade within a year and then constantly come unstuck in tricky wind or different light levels.

Get in for all the winter leagues n get stuck in its self learning and self satisfying discipline.
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