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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
What about a projector screen with a demo on what FT is about, short 2-3min sequence on a repeat loop. It could be inside a marquee with a banner outside advertising the Europeans.

I think it would be good and much less hassle than trying to sort out insurance and people to help the "have a go".
You could have a description of the targets and how they work, a close up of the scope turrets and how to dial in settings, describe the side wheel and parallax mechanism. The sitting, kneeling and standing positions.

The problem is the public who call over to watch perhaps do not get close enough to see the guns and how the scope operates, also time prevents shooters giving a full description of what is quite a technical sport, it's also not the best spectator sport.
A large bundle of flyers on a table with clubs and contact details provided would also help inside the marquee. A couple of BFTA members in the marquee at any given time should also be on hand to answer questions, these members could be on rotation like the marshals for the course.

Just my opinion.
I would also rotate the target colour yellow then black or white in each lane.

Thats an excellent idea, especially if "have a go" has major insurance issues. I'm starting up a marquee hire business and I would be happy to provide a suitable marquee with no charge.


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