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For once I was actually paying attention when I was marshalling, and I was surprised to see the wrong target go down. Unfortunately the two targets on the lane were in line with one another so it was not obvious that Andrew was about to shoot the wrong target or I would have told him.

It is not a nice way to loose a target, especially as it was the first zero on the card.

At a shoot such as the Euros the rules should be followed, all the shooters competing should be experienced and if they make a mistake accept it as Andrew did. Even if their marshall is willing to let it go the shooter should be honest.

The course was not at fault as the targets were clearly numbered but I do feel that course builders have a responsibilty to ensure signs, numbers etc are clear. Not just to minimise errors such as Andrews (which isn't what the sport is about) but to help the flow of the course too.

I would 'cut some slack' however if I happened to be shooting alongside a novice shooter and their position was not going to affect anyone elses results on the day. Having said that, in such a position I should be making sure as much as possible that the shooter wasn't going to make that mistake. At that level I believe it is more important to show the freindly side of our sport to new shooters and encourage them but while obviously pointing out the potential pitfalls such as shooting targets out of order.

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