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Default Why it matters!

Now that the banter of the Euro`s weekend has died down I wish to ask a question......
"why does it matter?"
Whats this fool on about your all asking. Well my story first and all will appear.
No names mentioned in this thread except mine and James Osbourne.
James was my buddy marshal on day one of the euros and was marking my card. I and only I made a mistake and shot a target out of numbered sequence. Quite rightly James pointed this out to me (he didnt have too but he did like the honest guy he is). I cursed, pulled the target up I had just hit and shot at it again happily knocking it down again. But a miss went down on my card as the BFTA rules state for the first shot I made

Now I think most of us know this rule??

I have since been told from someone I believe and trust that a certain person who was marshalling someone who did the same and shot out of sequence and was told..."it doesn`t matter, carry on".
Now I dont blame the shooter taking the shot, he wasn`t to blame, just a mistake like I made. My question is aimed at the buddy marshal, and I think you know who you are too! "Why doesnt it matter??"

What gives YOU the right to shoot a competition and break the rules? Adjust them to suit your own ideas of whats right and just? I`d just like you to come on open forum and explain to me why you think it doesnt matter to abide by the rules and to just break them as you see fit or adjust them to suit your mates?

Rules are their for a reason, to keep us safe when shooting and to compete on a level playing field no matter what grade you are.
No matter what ability you are at you`d like to post a score knowing that you did it fairly wouldnt you?
New shooters, foreign visiting shooters and juniors may have seen you doing this, what will they think? Cheatings Ok is what they would think.
How can Field Target progress as a sport if WE cant honour the rules of the sport?

Am I moaning, yep! So please answer the question why YOU think it doesnt matter. Its been bugging me all week.
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