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Originally Posted by merc350 View Post
Going to have a dabble at FT over the winter

Would the FT boys and gals on here be kind enough to divulge what mag they usually shoot on?

Also do you tend to zero on that magnification?

Finally i have noticed that slings are allowed. In the rules it says something like

'a single sling is allowed whether attached or not to the gun'

Noticed in America that people use a sling to hold their legs together when shooting. Is that allowed in UK?

Many thanks in advance for any information.


When I first started, i used to shoot everything on full mag because i was riddled with fear about going over time, or kept leaving the mag down low when i dropped it before putting my eye to scope on the next lane and wasting time getting it back up to full mag for rangefinding.

So i got a mag coaster which helped get the mag up fast if it was low, and generally didn't have too much of an issue shooting on full mag (which is always what you should rangefind on, as a rule). For standers and kneelers I vary... at the moment i've gone back to a low 10-15x for standers, and kneelers i'm somewhere around 20-40x depending on the range they're at.

But aside from rangefinding, which should be done on full mag (esoteric debates around analogue resolution aside), i'd say shoot on what you're comfortable with.
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