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I don't see what wrapping a sling around your knees would gain, basically you are a tripod for the rifle, so your *** and both your feet become the tripod for stability, there are many different styles, some use the over arm technique, others rest the rifle on their knee. As Simon says, look at the Pictures in the FT galleries and try some of them out. There are some top FT shooters at Emley so you should be in good company there. I use Leupold competition scopes on both my rifles, one s a 40 fixed mag, the other a 45 both with Mildot rets. Never had a problem shooting on high mag, but that suits me, a lot of people I know use Nikkos and they PA on 50mag then shoot on 30 or 35 mag. You need to try some stuff out at the club and see what suits you. Neil.
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