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hello Paul,

LIke Rich above, i've leant towards a quality, reasonable cost, fixed mag for exactly the same reasons. (fixed 36 for me)

One evolution within FT is the mount height which has increased over what you will be used to for HFT.

The benefits with increased mount height are it reduces the dialling or aimpoints at the longer ranges where the rangefinding accuracy is more critical (and you tend to get alot of targets at these ranges). If you reduce the drop on the longer range shots, then it gives a bit more tolerance for rangefinding.

Other benefits are you don't need to have such a deep stock to shoot off the knee, it keeps the guns centre of gravity lower, and it gives a more natural head up position.

Disadvantages of a higher mount means you have to be careful with cant, plus the trajectory gain you have with longer shots is cancelled out by having a steeper curve on the closer shots - but, even cheaper scopes can rangefind the closer targets well, where they might struggle at the 45-55y ranges. It's a trade off, exactly the same as HFT.

Plus, if you get a high mag scope, you can use it for pellet testing on your HFT gun - there's no substitute for bigger mag when doing this.
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