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The lack of signs was the only negative element of the Euro's for me (except missing too many targets)
The marquee even had a big empty frame on it for a banner.

The sport of FT definitely needs promoting in every possible way. After the Euro's last year Andy Calpin was talking about setting up a "Have a go at FT" stand at this years Euro's and some of us were very quick to put our names down to help. I was more than happy to spend my spare time on this, but it came to nothing. I don't know why the idea was dropped.
A banner explaining the basics and the challenges of FT would be great, with a catch frase or heading something like "Are you up to the challenge of FT" or "The most fun you can have with an airgun"
With tens of thousands of people walking right past us at the Euro's I think we have seriously missed a trick.
Last year we spoke to hundreds of people about our sport (because of more signs and a shooting line outside of the woods)
This year I didn't see more than a couple of dozen public interacting.
Do we really want our sport to stagnate? I don't.


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