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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
while the have a go speed shoots etc were great fun for no 1 son, I did think that a have a go ft range was definatley missing.

First time at euro and walking in from the nearest (lurcher) car park it would have been very easy to miss the course.

What is needed is display boards next to the road / path telling the basics of what Ft is.
Then something pointing towards the Shoot.
The Bfta marquee was definatley in need of a Banner

Also need a big sign saying come and have a "free go at ft.

I would like to have seen a couple, maybe three lanes in the course at some point. Well perhaps to the Right of lane 1 between the Zero. Give have a goers the feeling of being on the course.
Get them interested.

three lanes, easy, average and a bit harder.
Need three guns i guess, something like.
S400 (right or leftish handed use?)
Pro target

Leaflets to hand out, Bfta details, club details etc.

Of course it needs manning? but I would have hoped that like the marshalling, if a rota was draw up so shooters did an hour each or so it could work?
Potential helps names down in print please, especially Mfta shooters as i would guess most visiting the shoot would be potential members from that region?

Seems little point to me just drawing show goers into the firing line, where there nothibng to show or explain what was happening?

i did hear the 2013 course is to go the Woods used as a worlds a few years ago, somewhere down by the fishing area?
At least you had some decent wind to make it interesting sunday, though I agree the course needed a few tree in the middle to break it up a bit?
just imagine what it would have been like with the gp standard "no" wind lol. Hang about, Fisher might have hit some then lol .
When u have actually shot a euros comp, then u have the right to comment, until then keep it buttoned u foolish numpty
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