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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Priest is having a make over and is at mr.O house for a few weeks.
He shall return in the cardinal Red robes as a mk4 , no longer a poorly mk2 with a duff trigger lol

New Ostler Air stripper to be fitted as well. Have heard from mr.W that it improves the grouping so hopefully when back, it will Be the Priest or maybe Cardinal that is no 1 gun for 2013?
Just hope that the new air stripper does not mean the pellet choice for that barrel changes?

Tested (though only briefley as we are building a shooting shelter) another batch of die 40 Wednesday.
No wind and in Rev it was pellet on pellet. Now just got to go through all this to find the post about other die 40.

Also did some more 25 ml standing practise out to 20m and again, found them easier to nail than full lol, though that may have been as no 1 Son was using tondu club s400 and one eye was trying to look down the tube and right at the same time!!
Im a firm believer in barrell harmonics, air strippers do they really work????? i think its more to do with getting the exact weight right at the end of the barrel, but i wouldnt expect u to understand that.
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