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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
Looking for suggestion's for advertisement banner's for the Euro's.
Thinking maybe a top shooter or young new commer sat at one end and tin chicken at the other.
Weston park european championship's,bfta web address, possibly banner maker's logo.
Anyone that can make these please get in touch.

Top shooter[maybe a life size MR Daniels saluteing
Maybe we could make the new commer face of ft a prize for best junior in the GP series?
A life size mr danials, make a good scarecrow Im not sure about this obsession with promoting the sport of FT to the public, in the years ive shot the euros, ive heard mostly negative bull crap Lets face it even the Airgun mags act as if FT doesnt exist, personally i think we should be putting more thought into
where at western park the euros should be held, Im sure plenty of people will disagree with me on this point...but...compared to the old wood that has sadly been chopped down, I thought the course was one dimentional, featureless, to many targets visible from lane to lane, and pretty boring, (not a dig at the course builders) i know u can only work with what u have got, But ithink the Euros should br shot on a more interesting course than that... say the wood where the worlds was shot some years back....marc fisher
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