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Originally Posted by Jamesy View Post
I've heard/read the same thing, but neither my 77K or 97K barrels have the foresight grooves... all i know is that when i use my VFG cleaning rod with the felt pellets there's a noticeable tightening when the felt nears the end of the barrel, and it's definitely not at the actual crown but someway's inside the barrel. It's the same when pushing a pellet through from the breech with a rod too... So, if it ain't choke, and there's no exterior machining work done to this section of the barrel... what is it?
Perhaps you just need a Mars bar or something half way along to give you the energy for that final last pull. Daniels was saying something about it the other day when he and tool were talking about rodding and pulling. Mentioned something about choking as well...
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