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Default Weston Park Pics

Just a few pics from my first visit to the Midlands Game fair

Terry Doe does not look too happy as Terry O has just broke his Walther?

Oh no its ok, its one of the funny spring things, but this one dont have much spring.
Very nice guns

Speaking of things Spring, and usually broken.

Here is Jamesy. With a working springer! Well done on the win i belive

Thanks to Paul and all the helpers who managed the various speed / have a go shoots in airgun alley.
No 1 Son spent a fortune and had a great time and now want to shoot even more, happy days.
All I got to do now is teach him to understand Calps!

Something not right here

No 1 son insists he wone the Height off fair and square,
but as you can see Gillymott is pulling him down by the arm /wrist to make no 1 seem shorter!!

Not to worry, no 1 son has a bit of cheek about him and was insisting he would be taking up Ft
and will be World Champion soon,

"I`ll beat that dwarf feller you know dad, who is he again"

My first time visiting the ground so heard mixed reviews as to what it is now and was.
I liked the look of the course and certainly liked the Wind on Sunday afternoon.
some shooters commented to me about a bit of a pick and mix about some lanes, but nothing alternative colouered lane targets can help distinguish

Chris Large was one of the few do do better on sunday that saturday

Paul looks like he is missing Holly.
If Holly had been there in that Wind he would have just missed!

Arms Dealer had the audasity to miss range with S&B. Thats another 200 off the asking price!!

Kray 1, just after another wind guided miss

I`m Sure Ratinator said he hit all the standers?
God knows what Jib we could have had if he had missed then?

Think Berty missed the long stander

Could have been worse, you could have hit it after Missing the Short one!!

mentioning no names, as I cant pronounce it anyway with these Teeth!

A contender for result of the weekend, Big RoBo Nails em into the tropy places

Can you make me look good on standers Asks Fisher?

Yes, just stick your head on this body

No your right, ugly no matter what

Now this is what the competion needs, a truly international line up of Shooters.

Spanish - Italains - and Welsh!!

Pepone - Dario -- Taffy Penman

Manuel was another to cope better on Sunday than Saturday

The wind was just too much for one Former World Champion

And indeed the current one had to do some sort of funny Zenthingy before nailing it

Poweder puff was confussed by all the Dust handily available from the firing line,
as everyone was throwing it in the air

Terry wishes he had that Walhter

Rob wishes he had an Ev2

Cozzy Wishes he had some toilet paper

And given the funny Smell, Berty wishes he had sat elsewhere?

On the limit, dont move back

Woodys impersonation of Costello is getting better each time out.
Least right up till the Shoot off

no hang about, I beat both of you in a (Kneeling) Shoot out.

Tosh does a Grand impression of Fred

right said fred

No 1 Son does a grand impression of a Young tosh, how do you Ram raid a marquee dad?

Mr D does a grand impression of Guy.........?????

The Irish way of Standing shots seems to be with both eyes closed

Meanwhile Calps does it the up North Way

Least till someone points out in the rules we dont have thats its not allowed, so he go back to old fashioned ways

I used to think this wearing your socks outside your trousers was old fashioned, but after Sunday it seems all the rage

Time for some more silly grins

Young Luke has been off in a far away galaxy
and is struggling to find the force to get into full grinnace mode

He can learn off Darf Dwarf


Connor blasts over the 45y stander

Not surprising as he using these

Some srerious shooting breaks out

Calps on his way up the course and with Connor dropping another kneeler,
or more to the point failing to drop it,
at this point Calps is 1 clear

Having missed T49, the long (53y?) sitter, Calps cant look as Connor nails it

He still cant look as the Irish Pump master
flattens another long Stander in the shoot off

But he has to look down the scope at Connors strike

Its look but cant touch,

though that look Calps is grinnacing,

i think says i would like to touch you.

with a piece of 2 x 4 lol

Bery looks confused as someone has done his chart in joined up writting

Cozzy is confused as he know thinks he is Woody??

Woody is confussed as he can hit things with a Walther

Ah Bugger spoke to soon

Last but not least, and thanks for this years sport

Confusion breaks out in the shoot offs as some Hooded fat chap tries to sneak in, but with the new supoer slim Dr.Who on hand its soon braught to light and quick count of misses reaveals..............

.....reveals Fisher dont have enough fingers to tell us how many he missed.
Thanks to dave for helping out

Hope you all enjoyed and no offence was meant, even to fishface
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