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I use a Hawke TAC 30 10x40 for HFT sometimes and find it has very little PX error at all. And the ret is now my favourite with the MTC SCB as a close second( I like both).

I have used and tried a lot of scopes including Falcons, Leups, Burris(very good if you get the right one) and Bushnell 10x40 (hated it).
I also own three MTC scopes which I like, but the SCB ret get lost in the dark areas of a target sometimes but not too often.

All three of my MTC scopes have different traits regarding PX error and where and how much it occurs, but the best is my 4x16x50 believe it or not.

I believe after lot of testing that the Hawkes and MTC scopes do vary from scope to scope if you are super critical(like me).

The EB sniper or equivalent Tasco snipers are probably the best for 200 S/H, that is if you can get away with only mildots, but I need half mil lines.But the MTC 10x40 Viper is definitely the best good scope for HFT in terms of value if you are on a budget.

I think you made a good choice with the Hawke if you have a good one, and you can adjust the ocular to suit your eyes and eliminate as much PX as possible.I dont find it an issue though.

Good luck.

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