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Yep , a mega well done to the " ginger assassin " & all the other competitors too & thanks for the commiserationary ( that dunt sound reyt does it ?) posts .
Had a grand weekend & to be honest was glad to get a decent bit of form for a change , after some of the results ive rattled in this year . Thought i was genuinely getting past it ! oh the joys of reaching 35
As said before , many thanks to tony & his more than willing band of helpers who know who they are & most of em dont even take a gun to the euros . How un selfish is that ??? thankyou ..
Could really do with more people like that in the sport , or what about this one ...... if we all sat at our lanes after we finished shooting & wound a string apiece in or dragged a target back to the firing line or just picked a bit of litter up ( 5 min job ), im sure that the people that do 95% of the work would appreciate it enormously ..... Rather than just picking up our gear & waltzing off to have a natter while the usual crew ( once again ) are hard at it .

Food for thought !

Many thanks , once again
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