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Originally Posted by andythilo View Post
Well I think whatever I get, I'll want either front or side parallax, be easier for a noob like me to adjust. Have to look on here, are there guides regarding setting up scopes?, i.e what range to zero to, what range to set parallax to?

Once ste you do not change the scope settings at all during a HFT round, I have only been shooting HFT for about 9 months but spent a lot of time sifting through advice since then, I have the TAC30 also pretty sure they are true mildot at 10x.

Generally people shooting HFT .177 seem to zero between 25 & 30 yards (people I have spoken to that hunt with the same setup seem to zero at 35), 27 is a popular distance I zero at 30 myself it makes aiming fairly flat between around 15 and 33 yards, under and over thease distances I have some hold over, theoretically at around 20-25 yards I should have a little hold under but they go in fine so I just aim for the middle and hope . make sure your parallax is set to your shooting distance when you Zero mine is set to 25 yards on the scope parralaxed marker this gives me a good compromise of scope blur at the shorter and longer distances, seen a couple of scope HFT set up guides will try to find the links, if you search HFT Novice to Ninja you may see them.
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